Friday, July 27, 2007

isang taon na po kami!

isang taon na mula ng naging 'kami" ni yobib. ang bilis ng panahon. i always tell him na akala ko di kami aabot sa ganito.. hindi sa ayaw ko or napilitan lang, i just still cant believe that after all the storms, heto kami ngayon holding each other tight each day and cant wait to cuddle each other after a day of work. our relationship has been sooo far from perfect and i can humbly say that we had survived many trials, pains and sorrows and still getting stronger to fight for the love we thought would never be where it is now. and i will always be thankful to the One great reason that keeps us together, to God, that has always been there guiding us to each step we take.

we hated each other before. his first impression of me was so simple. i didnt strike lighting nor get him off his knees. i dont look like his future. well neither do i to him. i will never forget how i despise him for being so playboy. we really hated each other and often ignore each other on friends gatherings.. but that was then.

now, its a very different story. i cannot imagine myself without him by myside anymore. i would like to say first impression doesnt last. can u imagine yobib doing ALL the household chores? cooking, cleaning, washing the laundry.. everything. i am the queen, the little princess.. and he's my soo handsome slave-king-knight in so shining armor.. i will never in my wildest dreams think he is caregiver (the best in town!). how he would take good care of me now. how sincere he is when he tells me i am the only one, which i - half of the time- believe him.. (half of the time he's kidding me and making me bola, i should know!) but i know deep he is true and i love him for being what he is. i sooo love the ways he love me..

i dont know why im writing this (i sound weird, heheh), i thought i just miss him every single minute.. gosh. im blushing. and because i am 12 weeks pregnant today with our baby, i just want to tell you little future daddy that i love you more and more each day.. and



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