Friday, May 02, 2008

Labor Day Blues

I am about to have my prenatal check up that day, January 15 to be exact.
Hubby had to go to an interview in makati, i let him kasi i thought its just another checkup.
He tease me pa nga that it will be an IE (internal exam) again..

And so i waited at the clinic, and when my turn came,
my OB asked me if i felt any pain.
i said, no. she said i am 5-6cm already..
ayan na i feel kabado na. dami na tumatakbo sa utak ko..

she gave me the admission slip and she said that i will be due within the day
and that she wouldnt let me go.. panicked attacked... whaaaat?
lakas ng sigaw sa utak ko.. how could that be..
february 8 pa ang due sa mga ultrasounds ko.. napabilis ata.
wala pa kong kasama.. nag iisa ako. sabi ni OB punta na ko sa admission..
and so i had to choose for my room and walk around the hospital to have a xerox,
back and forth to my OB and back to admission and then finally to my room..
all that while texting, contacting hubby etc..

i did not feel any pain at all.
while going to my room a nurse attended me and asked me if im ok, i said i am.
wala talaga akong pains. at dahil wala akong kasama i had to text my sister in law and her husband to back me up and bring my maternity bag..
while hubby was texting me if he will drop the interview and get by my side.
i told him im still fine, go with the interview and i will be alright..

but when i had to change clothes na and go to the comfort room and saw blood, i panicked.
i called hubby right away, and ask him to go immediately to the hospital..
blood really scares me.

at 12pm i was moved to the delivery room,
i wanted to see hubby first, pero on the way pa daw siya.. im sad.
mixed emotion na ako..
im excited to finally see my baby.
im nervous cause i dont know what to expect
and im clueless to what will happen next..
im thinking of how painful it will be..
im blank.

at 4pm my OB told me my husband and mother in law were already outside.
she told me that i am not progressing..
pinaputok niya na panubigan ko at dami na tinurok saken, pero walang changes..
im still 6-7cm..
there were a lot of nurses by my side, checking.. monitoring etc..
so at 7pm OB talked to hubby that she will be doing a caesarian section na.
knowing hubby wanted to have a looooot of babies, he will not let it talaga..
(if i will be CS, it will be maximum of 3, while if normal it will be minimum of 5 babies, imagine?!)
he told my OB to just wait for another hour..

so came 8pm and still no progress we both decided to have a CS na..
i will not forget that moment when i will be brought from the delivery room to the operating room.
one of the nurses asked me if i wanted to see my husband first, of course i replied.
and when we met, i wanted to cry, im so scared..
but hubby gently smile at me and told me 'kaya mo yan! kain ka pa matamis!!"
(he associated sweets to my CS. did i say na inalagaan niya ako ng exercise at healthy foods just to make sure na normal delivery ako?! but sorry, sikip daw sipit sipitan ko, my OB said. so it had to be CS.)
going back, when we recall that moment, i told him na wala siyang kasweet sweet..
i am expecting him to kiss me, hug me and whisper words of suppport.. pero wala.
he just smiled and teased me pa..
but he insisted that he did it all..
to his account, he hold my hand, touched my cheek, whisper i love u and kiss me while the nurses were teasing us pa nga daw..
epekto na rin siguro ng mga tinurok sa akin, di ko na ata alam lahat yun.

i waked up at 9pm. una kong kinapa ang tyan ko, wala na si baby..
nasan na siya? i wanted to see her, was she ok?
and so i asked the nurse, sabi niya nasa nursery na daw.
at ako nasa recovery room. at ang aking asawa nasa room ko waiting..
i wanted to see hubby na, i wanted to see my baby..
but the nurse told me that i will be transfered to my room pag kaya ko na itaas ang paa ko..
i thought, when pa? e di ko nga mafeel ang mga paa ko.. :(

now computing my time, at exactly 7am i am transferred to my room with hubby.
it was a happy moment.. need not explain why..
it was just us.. hubby and me..
and then finally, at 9am our baby, the fruit of our love came!!
when he hold yena, hubby cried.
it was tears of joy!


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