Thursday, June 05, 2008

Why Yelena Hayden?

So how on earth did we name our first baby with Yelena Hayden?

First on how?! after my november 2007 pelvic ultrasound and upon hearing the words "it's a girl!".. i knew she will be named Helen. Helen from Helen of Troy, coz hubby is such a fan of epic-homer-iliad-myths-gods-godessess movie. He would tease me then that if it would be a boy, his name would be Achilles to which i strongly disagree. But then i knew in my heart i'm having a girl.. (Intuition! Intuition! hahah)

Also I was thinking of naming her Marian (Marian Rivera / Marimar), i remember rushing home earlier after office just to watch Marimar at some point during my conception of Yena. But i wanted to make it sound posh. Maarte ang ina, sorry na lang. :)

So it's Helen, mapagbigyan lang ang ama! But i made variations (dahil maarte nga ako!).. I was thinking of Yelen. What's with Y? I dunno i just like Y! But it's kinda bitin so i made arte again and decided to add some letter and finally settled with Yelena.. :D

On the next name, Hayden. Some people would associate it with Dr. Hayden Kho Jr, current flame of Dr. Vicky Belo, but it's not! He's cute though, hihi! I got the name from the hollywood star of the TV series 'Heroes' Hayden Panettiere. Why? Because i saw her on yahoo and then searched her on google and found some more pictures of her on people and hoorah.. i just fell in love with her face.. she's beautiful and i think her name would blend with my Yelena.

And now, from the combination of Helen of Troy and Hayden Panettiere..
Meet our Yelena Hayden!


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