Friday, June 27, 2008

Yena's New Playmate

Mommy: Hi baby, i have something for you, when dad's away for work every saturday you can play with Chubby.
Yena: Duh! Chubby? A girl or a boy? Uhm, she will be a she. She looks like daddy though ;)

Yena: She talks? She doesnt breath! She's so silent!!! Mommm talk to me!!
Yena: How can we play if she doesnt talk?? She doesnt even know how to raise her legs! Mom???

Yena: (Losing patience) What kind of playmate is she?? Cant she see i want to do some boxing?

Yena: Or UFC? Did someone at least taught her how to hug me back instead??

Yena: What a lousy playmate, i'd rather sleep mooommmm..

Yena: (Now dreaming) I dont like to let you go even if you cant play with me, I'll keep you here with me. Hold on tight Chubby. :)


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