Thursday, August 21, 2008

Yena's everyday music

Yena was 4 months old when i first introduced music in her life. I downloaded songs from free kids music and got a total of 48 songs. I separated sleeping time songs from playing time and sponge time songs. So far now, when i want her to sleep i just play her the songs and she will fall sleep right away.

her sleeping time songs include;
Bicycle built for two
Farmer in the dell
Freres Jacques
Home on the range
Joy joy joy
- on this song, she is already sleeping. i let the music play until the end just to be sure that when she wakes up again, she has no choice but to fall to sleep back
My Bonnie
Twinkle twinkle little star

her playing time songs are:
Alphabet song
Humpty dumpty
Do your ears hang low
Eensy weensy spider
Found a peanut
Great green gobs
If you're happy and you know it
Jesus love is bubbling
John Jacob Junglehimer Schmidt
London bridge
Merrily we roll along
Michael Finnegan
Please and thank you -
she enjoys it a lot every morning upon waking up!
Old Mc Donald
One bottle of pop
The more we get together
and a lot more..

when its sponge time at night and she's so hyper active, i put on these music and she behaves well, its not that hard to change diapers anymore.. wink wink
Soap and towel
Row row your boat
Swing low sweet chariot
Round the mountain
Working on the railroad

Though hubby said all songs were like sleeping songs, im so happy yena know now what to do when she hear these songs. good girl! ;)


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