Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Yena @ 8 months


> Cries for mommy 'maaamaaa' when daddy was so slow preparing her milk. It was like begging for me to do it instead of dad. :) This is one of our photo on that saturday afternoon, when she gamely poses for the camera. Told you she is such a camera addict. ;p

> Can do the 'chikading dance' with mommy or daddy. :D Yena and Daddy's picture right after her chikading dance!

> Got her first two teeth on her lower gums. Ive been wanting to blog it some weeks ago, but hubby hesitantly told me not to. It might stop the teeth from going out daw! waheheh. My mother noticed her sprouting teeth some two weeks ago. She was 7 and half months old. Now the two teeth is quiet visible. Click the picture and peek! :D

> Knows how to smile, pose and play before the cellphone/camera.. Isnt she adorable with that smile? Ofcourse i have the right to say that, she is my child. She will always be beautiful in my eyes. : LOL

> Do lots of facial expressions using her nose and mouth. She can do a lot of funny faces. We were so clueless where on earth she got that all?!

> So sensitive ala mommy style. I tell you, last night when her dad was playfully scolding and hitting her pillows, she do her sad face, started crying and turned her back from him. She never smile at him ever again until she fell asleep. waheheh. Husband has to get used to wooing two women that is as sensitive as onions for his whole life! Goodluck to him. :)


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