Thursday, October 02, 2008

Back to where she was born

Yena got fever thursday afternoon last week, the fever subsided and then the rashes came out sunday morning. We thought it's kind of measles, so we decided to take her to her Pedia next morning.
(picture taken, saturday afternoon. Even with fever, she is always with a smile!)

But came sunday night, when she only took 2 bottles of her milk and she cried for no reason at all. I cried too, got worried so much. Hubby and I decided to bring her to the hospital, to where she was born 8 months ago. At that moment, i prayed so hard, while tears kept falling down my cheeks. I dare not try to look at husband, we might broke down in tears at once.

(took a picture of her at the Emergency Room, where she hesitantly smiled back even in pain)

They tried to put her an IV. I thought the world was so slow paced, the process was so long and hurting. It ended up to nothing, It was hurting her. Hubby got angry, I signed the waiver.

(asking for help from mommy.. who was crying with her all the time.)

After two days of stay on the place where she was born, she is so much ok now.. Looks like she just needed some time off, some time for the three of us to be alone, bond and feel each others love and support..
(i am much better now mommy, no need to worry daddy!!)

Going home after two days of hospital bed rest. Thanks God! :)


TH said...

kids grow up fast, snap more pic to keep them :)

niko said...

yes th, i will! thanks! :)

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