Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Home alone

Umma, a dear blogger friend of mine asked me who take care of yena when the parents have to work?!

My answer -- she is home alone! :)

Im kidding, she is with my mother, who is 5 minutes away from my inlaws home. At night, somebody would bring her back to our house or i will fetch her when it is not yet late. We are currently living with my inlaws and i am on great hope and wish of having our own home soon. ;(


Umma said...

Lucky you my dear, at least you have your own mother who can take care of little Yena while you are both working.

If ever, you hv a chance to get a yaya would you prefer to leave Yena on yaya's arms? Just asking hehehe.

Have a great day Mommy Niko, btw did u get my message to you on where to pimp the pictures?

niko said...

Hi dear!

Yaya is a no policy! For us.

No offense meant but we refer a grandmothers love and affection to our child. lucky yena coz she still has two loving granny who's always willing to look after her!

yes i got it, thank you. i will be pimping yena's picture too! and will post here soon. heheh

take care umma!! kiss and hug to YL(i got it! YL YL YL!) hahaha

inyang said...

cute baby :)

niko said...

thanks inyang!!

thanks u too for dropping by!

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