Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Yena and her Book

On her 8th month, all the time while she prefers to be crawling, i put her to test. A test to choose from 4 different objects: a ball, an empty bottle of C2, her teether toy, and her book. Book being synonym to education; an empty bottle of C2 for food; a ball for sports, and her teether toy for entertainment.

And guess what she chose?!

Her BOOK! :) (Does that mean she will choose to be educated above anything else or does book really appeal to her?)

As much as i want her to read, i know that what attracts her to the book is its color. It is red and is the bigger thing from all of the four objects, and so i decided to test her again. Same objects again this time.
And she still chose that red thing! Her book! Her bedtime story book. And i have to give in, yeah baby we will read together. This time i will have to read out loud to you before you fall to sleep at night. :)


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