Monday, December 15, 2008

Sexy! Oh Sexy!

Is there anything sexier that this? Seeing a man pushing a grocery cart with her daughter in it??

Or a man holding his playing daughter, and all his eyes glued on her every move?!

I dont know, but i find it really masculine, or it might be my husband's broadening shoulder or widening waistline?! :D


Mom of Four said...

Hehehe..Macho man!!! That is the most wonderful sight ever. Daddy and little girl together..So fatherly thoughtful and sweet..
The broadening shoulder could be the result of work out, the widening waist could be the result of too much love for you and Yena, oh di ba????

gLoR!e said...

so masculine to a man to carry his son/daughter! Really, it really feels me to own a man every time i saw guy carrying his kids! how i wish!:) heheh

sean said...

it sure is sexy and very masculine...nice...i bet ur kid aint annoying coz ur hubby loves her...i just dont like kids bweheheh...but i like behave ones though...

Cookie said...

I always admire dads doting their kids. I love seeing my hubby, too, when they walked hand in hand with Chloe.
Ang cute nilang tingnan.. Yena is indeed daddy's girl!

SHIELA said...

yeah... absolutely sexy :) esp. with your little one :)

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