Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Recession on Heart's Day

Hubby's last day of work on the 15th of this month was moved monday this week. Yes, unfortunately just days before the heart's day my husband now officially belongs to the unemployed cause by recession.

Well instead of crying out loud and questioning God for what is happening to us, i just shrug shoulders, get nancy my laptop and search the web for possible employment.. It is another hand and hand journey hubby and i have to face bravely and positively.. not for ourselves now but for yena!

We've been laughing about going out on valentine's day, since it falls on a saturday, yeah one of my favorite day aside from sunday hahah. He was teasing me to watch movie, but i declined, i don't want crowded movie house! Since we both want to be with yena on weekends am thinking of staying somewhere, where we would not be spending much (the question lies to if we have still something to spend! haha)

So a place where there is a minimal spending would be a park! And am thinking of going back to La Salette at Silang! Hubby and i had been there before and it was also the place where he promised to bring me and our kids for a picnic! :)

We might be heartbroken for that very upsetting out of work situation but am looking forward to the fulfillment of that one promise on the heart's day!


Cecile said...

I admire for being strong at this time of your life. I remember when hubby first got laid off from his job a year ago, I thought I was strong by I wasn't; I cried so much and pity ourselves. Thanks God, we found a job right away.... and now we are facing job lost again for the second time in one year; this time I just shrug my shoulder and saying everything is going to be fine, as always :-). hope your hubby will find new job soon :-) Take care dear ...and hang in there!

Mom of Four said...

Mare, I am sorry to hear about Yobib losing his job. I know that you both are strong enough to face it with pride and I believe that you will go through that situation. Rodney and I been through the hardship of the century, and we stuck together and proud to say, we are stronger than ever. Just hang in there. You will find the way..

Umma said...

Im glad that you are taking this on a positive side Mare.. I was really saddened when you emailed me about this one.
Indeed, it's another trial you both are facing now but dont lose hope.. keep up the spirit and always think God has its own little way to show or let us feel that HE's still there.

Being laid off is not the end of the world, it is perhaps the beginning of a new career that later on fafa Yobib may will be facing soon.

Keep the family together is all that matters.

sweetytots said...

Yup.. be strong girl. God has some sneaky way of pulling us through difficult situations. Im sure he has wonderful plans for your family soon.

Enchie said...

Hang on Niko. You're blessed with a strong bond with your other half. You'll make it together.

ghieGANDA said...

Niko I didn't know. But at least he already got a new potential job. Sana nga matuloy.

La Salette is really a nice place to unwind. We were there two Sundays ago. Enjoy your picnic. And take a lot of pictures. :)

SHIELA said...

Hang on there Niko. I'm sure he will find one soon. The good thing is both of you are not so affected emotionally. It will be hard but I'm sure in due time you and your hubby will recover with the problem that you are facing right now.

God Bless.

Clarissa said...

Be positive, there will always a way and answers for that.Don't lose hope!

schizoshrink said...

dropped ec. i like your blog. care to exchange links? thanks.

Kreez said...

that sounds like a perfect way to celebrate valentines day! no crowded malls or overpriced meals just the pure and simple pleasure of spending the day with those who really matters.

Keep the positive attitude!

Elizabeth said...

Sorry I just read this only now. It's so saddening to know this.

My hubby and his co-employees were also informed about their company's might-be closing down. And most of them are worried. We're worried too, who wouldn't be?! but we know God is in control. He will provide as He always does.

Don't worry, Niko, God will provide ha? :)

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