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Marriage Proposal Tag

This tag has been flooding all of my married friends in the blogosphere courtesy of lovely Maria, though i don't have a marriage proposal story to share i think i have to tell something about my whirlwind romance with my ex-boyfriend now husband, Yobib! Thanks a lot Maria, Amy and Cecille for tagging me, i wont say no to a love tag dears! I know i have been tagged by other friends too, please give me hint if you do and i'll wholeheartedly link you here! :) I have my tag assignments note and left it at office. Sigh. Am sorry.

This is an all out sharing of a very complicated love story you only see on soap opera on TV! Hahah. My husband and i have been an item July 2006. From then on i knew he is the one for me! I was loved, pampered to my heart's content and showered with all the love i could asked for. But my parents (and some from my family and friends) were against us. It was a You and Me Against the World theme song on the background. For one, i was engaged to be married to my then longtime bf. But there goes cupid's wonderful job! YObib and I were so love struck to each other. I runaway from home, stayed at my friend's aparment in manila and then months later on Yobib moved in to be with me! :)

He told me that on day one of us being an item, marriage was his main agenda. It was his proposal he told me. On December 2006, we went to Sta Cruz for our wedding band. He said our next plan was for the wedding. We wanted to be married with our families supporting us, but that seem impossible at that time. So we prayed that our families be in good terms first before we tie the knot. But in our hearts and mind, in front of that big sto nino at sta cruz church, after our blessing of our rings.. we swear to God that on that day forward - we are one.

We got married October 2007 while i was 6 months pregnant with our beloved Yena. At 10am on the 26th of October, marked the legitimacy of our bond as husband and wife with 5 people to witness - his parents, his brother and one set of godparent.

Now, when asked what is my greatest wish, i say - to be married again to my one true love Yobib at church with the presence of both our families, wishing us a lifetime of love and togetherness.


Joy's comfort zone!!! said...

I am here reading your love story. You guys is one of my inspiration couple and I really admire the love that you both shared. Grand or simple wedding is not necessary. The most important is what is next step after marriages. And how guys overcome the trials & problems in your family. If you guys survive before; in spite of your family disagreement. You guys are strong enough to handle the big obstacles.

Thanks for posting this. Muah!!!

Madz said...

Wow mare I thought I could only ever read this on novels, but yours was like the justification of WHAT LOVE CAN DO TO CONQUER ALL! yahoo.. grabe I salute you both, I know you both have the true love real marriage brings for a lifetime.

Indeed, God has blessed you of following your heart in the end while having your greatest gift that God has entrusted in you guys, mare naiiyak na ako hehehehehe kc prang same story to sa sister ko ngayon (she is 5 months pregnant now with her so irresponsible boyfriend I should say, well its not for me to say really what's behind his head, I know he wanted to marry my sister but then because of his mother and 3rd party that let say, difficult for him to turn back and say,I WANT TO MOVE ON AND STICK WITH MY FUTURE FAMILY, but sad to say it is not happening, he's still under control of the odds against him, until we all found it out that made us feel angry of him... huhuhuh but I know things will just fall into place in its proper timing, in GOD'S TIMING right?

I wish you all the best in marriage mare, you deserve to have a grand wedding with the presence of your both families, just keep praying.. YENA WILL HELP PUT EVERYTHING INTO ITS PLACE, and trust God that He'll sort everything out for you guys..

Love yah mare, and please give my hugs and kisses to Yena... mwah mwah mwah

Mommy Liz said...

Ka sweet talaga ng inyong love story. You are meant for each other talaga. You fought for your love, that's great. OK lang kahit di sa church ang wedding, ang mahalaga, you are Mrs. Eras, yehey! di ba? Love is what's important. Pareho namin ni Rodney.

Beth said...

wow, no holds barred telling of love story!
I fell in love with your story Niko. Pang-soap opera nga, parang Kristine Hermosa at Jericho Rosales noon, hahaha!
Buti na lang you fought for your love, super cute (eto na naman ako) ang results--si Yena!
And wala un sa wedding ceremony, it's in the union. :)
May God bless your union with all the love and happiness you both so derserve!

Mummy Gwen said...

Wow..what a great love story. Both of you are a beautiful pair. Love knows know bound. You are really a strong woman, NIko. I salute you. Wishing you and your husband everlasting love. :)

By the way, you've been tagged:

Mummy Gwen said...

Sorry typo error..hehe: Love knows no bound. I'm getting old already. :P

Anonymous said...

wow Mommy Niks....nilalangam ako sa love story mo....hehehe...fresh na fresh pala kayong couple...hhehhee....:) Ako din yun din ang wish ko....kaya nga 6 years from now rerenew namin yung vows namin ni hubby...for our 10th anniversary....soon maawa si LOrd....hehhehe....bonga din Mommy Niks kasi by that time na kakasal kayo ulit si Yena yung flower girl or maid of honor nyo...hehhehe....:) Thanks for sharing Mommy Niks!

S-H-Y said...

WOW todo nato grabeh..kayo talaga ang destiny..

Cecile said...

Niko, thanks for posting the tag and sharing your love story to us :-). It is very inspirational and I say, you guys are really meant for each other. You have survive the trials just to be together; I am sure you are strong enough to face whatever challenges in life may come for we will sure have many.

I am imagining your and Yobib renewing your vows for the second time with Yena as your flower girl :-)

Clarissa said...

Akala ko sa tv lang nagyayari ang mga ganyang love story--kiniling tuloy ako!!!\(^0^)/
The song of Shaina Twain's 'You're Still The One' is best song for both of you.

"Ain't nothin' better
We beat the odds together
I'm glad we didn't listen
Look at what we would be missin'

They said, "I bet they'll never make it"
But just look at us holding on
We're still together still going strong"

Di vah??!! \(^0^)/

Kreez said...

that was a great love story... against all odds ang drama hehe. but seriously, you and yobib have gone through so much, no wonder your love for each other has flourished and i'm sure you'll find the next challenges a walk in the park. Stay in love!

Umma said...

Mare.. Im so touched with your lab story.. you and me against the world..I heard this song long time ago.. hahaha.

I like to hear stories about this being triumphant in the sense that you were able to stand up with your own feet and let the whole world know that they were wrong to misjudge both of you.

Sometimes, listening to our intuition has its own price too. Because if you let your mind ruled over your heart, there was no Yena who came out today.

See? the result? its so fulfilling di ba? But we all know that we still have a lot of storms to hurdle in marriage life.. but I believe, if each party will compromise - nothing can go wrong.. dont you agree?

Chubskulit Rose said...

naks Im falling inlove some more hahaha... Pang MMK nga ito mare, buti na lang di natuloy yung kasal mo sa ex bf mo hahaha.. Kundi wala akong mamanuganging maganda.. hay.. love knows no bounderies talaga.. opps mali ba tong line ko hahaha.. am not sure, overflowed kasi ako sa tuwa sa pagbasa nitong lS nyo ni pareng yobib heheheh..

Dean and Lee Schroeder said...

wow Niko! kakaibang love story nyo ah... but no matter what, happy ending pa rin at the end.

In time when everything is ok na, you will get your wedding dream din girl... Best Wishes for both of you

pehpot said...

hehe pang nobela to dear... kinilig naman ako hehe. we both have the share of unromantic moments, pero keber di ba.. as long as we are very much assured of our love..

Make or Break

Kikit said...

Ang sabi mo, ang love story nyo parang pang soap opera. Pero I think the other way around. Ang soap opera parang love story nyo. :)

Nice read. I hope to come back. :)

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