Monday, March 02, 2009

and another countdown begins..

We are moving out of my in laws house on March 11, full moon! I wonder why hubby and his family follow this belief :) I wonder too what is the connection between the moon and the house moving :)

But whatever it is, am just so happy coz i will be a housewife soon!!! Meaning i will be in charge of the kitchen! Yebah!


ghieGANDA said...

Baka kaya nila gusto na full moon mommy niks kasi lalabas ang huling bantay. Hahah.. JOke!

Excited din ako para sau.


Enchie said...

welcome to the club! you will truly enjoy being the queen of your own castle :) Im happy for you guys...

Cecile said...

I am happy for you, dear! and excited, too! wished I could help you with the move! anyway, welcome to the club will soon be a busy working wife, mother and I know you can do it!

Mom of Four said...

First of, congratulations on your moving in ot your new house. sarap mag bahay bahayan...ikaw na ang in charge sa kitchen. oy kapag naglipat kau, unahin mo ipasok ang poon mo ha, angel, or kahit anong imahen. sundan mo ng bigas, asukal, aisn, vinegar, pam pa bwenas daw sa naglilipat..

Ria said...

good luck sa bahay-bahayan ;)

nga pala, did you get your award from my blog na?

Clarissa said...

Ganun pala ang mga kasabihan nun pag naglipat ng bahay?!first time ko lang nalaman!!

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