Wednesday, April 15, 2009

He is uniquely Him

Last night before going to the grocery, i passed through a jewelry shop and decided to window shop. One elegant watch caught my attention and i knew that i have to get it. Husband's birthday is two weeks away, so with my eyes closed i bought it and planned my little surprise.

Should i put it on top of his clothes in the cabinet? (No originality, He already did that to surprise me on my birthday!) By 30 minutes he will follow me at the mall and would see that little paper bag and would have an idea, that would spoil my surprise. Should i leave it to the store and get it before the 28th? Nah, i carried it out of the mall and waited for him.

In my imagination, he is beaming while holding the little surprise but that did not happened. I gave him the paper bag with a whisper of 'happy birthday, baby' and he was stunned. Told me it looked so expensive, he doesnt need another watch, can he return it and worst asked me how much does it cost?! I was expecting for a teary thank you or at least a hug. Told him, he had to thank me first and no matter how he resist it, i want the best for him!

Am laughing now while recalling, But that is my husband!! He is very very frugal in every way, even for himself. I am learning to be frugal but told him that for him and yena all i want to give is best. Am glad he lets me be! :)

Advance Happy Birthday! I love you more each day, Baby!


amiable amy said... i wish ganyan asawa ko, opposite sila ni hubby ba naman gusto nya...hahaha

birthday nya bukas, half of the price lang binigay ko, thanks to my blogging

Clarissa said...

just like amy,how i wish ganyan din ang asawa ko.pag binigyan ko cya ng gift,sasabihan nya ako na sana car parts or whatsoever car thingy na lang ang binigay ko(pero cyempre pabiro na may halong tutoo!lol!)bumili cya sa sarili nyang allowance!^_^

Dhemz said...

wow very nice....hehhehe...ako din mahilig din ako mag regalo kay hubby ng watch...hirap kasi bumili ng gift for men...hehehehhe!

advance happy birthday sa biboy mo Mommy Niks...that was very sweet of you....:)

ganon din si hubby ko...very least opposite kami...kaya nga ayaw kong mag handle ng finances namin...baka mag file pa ako ng bankruptcy.....heehe

Hazelicious929 said...

awww, how sweet naman... I don't give my husband any gift at all because he said he got me and that's all he wants. I guess I have to shop for myself more huh? hehehehe

happy birthday sa husband mo Niks!

Cecile said...

how sweet of you naman , Niko :-); yobib loves you so much for that!

belated happy bday to yobib, dear :-), san ang date nyo?

kikamz said...

you are such a sweetheart niks! i agree, we only want the best for our family!

nwei, april 28 din pala si yobib? same cla ng birthday nung isa ko pang pinsan. advance happy birthday to yobib!

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