Friday, May 22, 2009

Hayden Cam

When i share about my daughter's full name as Yelena Hayden, almost everybody would react if i got her name from Hayden Kho, the famous 28yo then employee-doctor, then and now boyfriend of Dra. Vicky Belo, who has 40 sex videos which include Katrina Halili, Maricar Reyes, brazilian model and lot more, that is making a buzz now in youtube, news papers and internet which are now called Hayden CAM.

Then, I would casually reply, NO! I got my daughter's HAYDEN from Hayden Panettiere over and over again. But now i would like to shout it out to the whole world, NO! See how a name could affect someone else's name. Oh dear!

I know this has been the most searched in the internet nowadays and just to help those victims am posing here the video of my Hayden doing her mukhasim or sour face. I just wish that when someone google hayden scandal or hayden cam it will lead here. Please spare those women another humilation by watching the videos over and over again! Stop downloading the videos! It won't help anyone!

Why don't you watch and enjoy this video of my little daughter instead, it is more worthy of your search! :)

Smile and keep the world a better place!


Glenda said...

hahaha so cute! who cares about HAYDEN KHO's perversity! LOL Yelena's adorable vid is indeed worthy of my search! =D

fedhz said...

ayun lang. Talaga. cute nga si Hayden. first saw her from the cheering squad movie. what was it? Bring it On? laging ganon role nya no? hehe. si Yena kaya maging cheerleader paglaki?

yun lang mahirap syempre sa names. keywords. at least pag nisearch nila hayden, mukhasim makikita nila at hindi madilim na kung ano diba?

Umma said...

hahaha.. talagang di kakasawa tingnan ang inaanak ko.. she looks so cute and adorable. I guess, she is growing so fast now and becoming more cuter as ever.

Heck! with the Hayden Koo scandal, its only for people who dont have a life. What gain can you get in watching those kind of videos.. do you think it will spare you from hell?

Everybody is guilty bec we are only humans and too often are inevitable to get ourselves entangled with controversies.

Can anybody says she/he is free from sins?

Cookie said...

don't worry about it dear, kasi ang yena hayden mo ay ng iisang cute na baby girl ;)

pehpot said...

haha ang kulit!

Make or Break

bonz said...

nice one, yena!

i like that cheerleader from heroes... hehe... actually i don't remember the name. now that i know its where you got yena's name, i'll remember that!

kisses to yena from little zoie!

Mom of Four said...

kaasim naman po talaga ng mukha, hehehehe... ang bilis naman ng video na yan, ni hindi ako nakakurap,,

amiable amy said...

hay naku...wala lang magawa yung iba girl kaya ganun...marami din sumakay sa scandal....anyway, cute pa rin ni baby kahit saan anggulo tingnan....hahaha... just to let you know, i was here okay?

Dhemz said...

hhahaha...I love this vid mami niks...she's a cutie!

ms firefly said...

hehe, yena is the cutest Hayden i know! ^-^

Clarissa said...

Hahahaa!!Ang kulit ni Yena!!\(^0^)/
Galing ako sa site ni Ate Kim and I haven't watched the said video yet but I love the video of Yena here!

kikamz said...

LOL! alam mo, i googled hayden cam and this post landed on the 1st page sa google search. its on #5 out of about 848000 results. whooot!

kikamz said...

LOL! kakatuwa naman talaga si yena! alam mo, i googled hayden cam and this post landed on the 1st page sa google search. its on #5 out of about 848000 results. whooot!

Hazelicious929 said...

Hello Niks! wow naman ang cute ni Yena hehehe

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