Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Quickest and Safest Income on Vending Machine Business

My friend Dhang started her vending machine business some two years ago. It was a success on the first few months but the revenue for the next months was not as striving as the start. She placed her vending machine on an elementary school near their place. She told me she has high income during those months of June but when the school year ends, her Vending Machine Business looks like meeting it’s ending too.

So for a time she asked me to have the vending machine and place it near a market in our area. I was apprehensive because I didn’t know how to run a vending machine business before. Later I learned that her vending machine is stocked up at one of the area in her home, untouched and unprofitable.

It was hard to put up business nowadays. Where the main aim is to gain profit it is heartrending to know that one can lose from it much further. Now am telling her about this website I saw that promises the quickest and safest return on money and surprisingly she still wants to try. I guess she really has a heart in selling. She told me that Vending Machines are a must where there are schools, commercial establishments and markets around. This time she is thinking of strategic place to put up her new Vending Machine . I just wish that this time she knew what to do best.


Clarissa said...

Having a vending machine everywhere is very convinient whether it be a juice or coffee or whatever lalo na sa mga public places.

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