Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jon and Kate Gosselins Plus Divorce

I have been lurking on the life of the Gosselins, the parents Jon and Kate, their twins and sextuplets. I am so thrilled to see such a big family.. I am dreaming of having one!
But with their announcement of separation (read:divorce) today. What will happen to the kids? I am sad to see a marriage falling apart just like that and leaving the kids suffer emotionally. It isn't the same when your parents are divorced. I just wish the best for the kids..
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Chris said...

divorce is always sad... i believe every one loses in divorce.. especially the kids...

amiable amy said...

i do not follow their show but on the news its everywhere, i hope they can settle things pa din...if not, this will be a big impact for the kids

Cecile said...

i have been following their show as well as the news and it is sad. i think it is so selfish for both parents to have their kids suffer emotionally...bad choice...they could have avoided the divorce had they chose to end the show and work things out!poor kids :-(

S-H-Y said...

I think divorce is one of my fear, anyway dghana pod cla og anak oi..Girl hope we can exchange links kay dghan mn pod diay ka og blogs..Just leave a message kung gus2 nimo mag exchange links with me.

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