Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Sunday Pictures with Yena's Favorite Dress

When Yena saw this dress from her Ninang Liz's pasalubong she can't stop touching and holding it. At one time she was dancing while wearing it. Aside from the floral print it has a flower fix on one side that she loves holding when told how nice her dress was. She really loves this dress!

So after the mass was the usual picture taking with her cousins, see how she flirts and pose with them..

Yena's cousin, kathy, was wearing one of the jumper her ninang liz brought. It was too way big for her so i decided to let her wear it at the moment.. Looks so cute on her too!

See the rose among torns! I love this shot! :)


Nancy said...

She's definitely cute as a button!

Clarissa said...

Ang ganda naman ng pasalubong ni Mommy Liza for Yena!!She really looks cute in it!!^_^

Genejosh said...

cute namn ng baby mo..She's adorable!

Hope you don't mind if I got a TAG for you. Please free to grab it in your free time.

Umz {^o^} said...

Cant help but gushing with pride talaga everytime I see Yena's pic mare.. She is indeed one adorable baby.

Dagdagan mo na hahaha.

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