Monday, August 10, 2009

How to Keep Your Marriage Alive

From a forwarded email. Hope this one helps you!:)

~ Step 1

Turn your marriage into a teenage love fest
Do some of the same things you did when you first fell in love
Don't get too busy for each other
Communicate, communicate, communicate
Show lots of affection publicly (hold hands, kiss, stare in each other's eyes)

~ Step 2

Set weeknight dates and keep your promise to go on those dates
Go to a drive-in theatre and make out like teenagers
Write love letters and leave in different secret places
Call each other every day and confess your love for each other
Meet once a week for lunch

~ Step 3

Be spontaneous. Leave work on your lunch time and meet at your house or a hotel and make love
Go on a weekend vacation. Just get in your car and drive, then check into a hotel and spend the whole weekend in bed with each other

~ Step 4

Send the kids over to grandparents
Have a glass of wine with strawberries
Compliment each other
Talk about old times when you first met. Believe me that is the most romantic spark that will ignite sexual desire and love


kikamz said...

this is nice anik. korek ka jan, we have to rekindle the spark every now and then. it helps keep our marriage alive, as if bagong kasal lang tayo. hehehe! hugs! have a great week at work. ingat!

Rossel said...

tama lahat pati na rin yung going to a hotel. ginagawa namin yan..going to ahotel na kami lang dalawa,mostly on anniversaries.

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