Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Who's doing the Math?

Today, 26th of August, I planned on waking up husband at 12am, kiss him and greet him: happy 34th month wedding anniversary. Before i speak a thing he suddenly woke up, kissed me and whispered 'happy 22 months!'

22 months? how come i am counting 34 already?! of course i was laughing to myself and started counting again. We got married Oct 26, 2007, how could i possibly think we are already celebrating our 34th month?! am not good in math, alright! :)

Anyways, i know we will get to 34th month and to countless months together but am still happy husband never forgets to do his part of making me feel extra special on two days of each month.

His effort on greeting me on his blog is so much for a gift! :) babaw ko talaga! hahaha

And i am always thankful i said yes to the man who always makes me happy, sad, mad and insane!

Happy 22nd! I love you more baby!
photo from fotosearch


Mys said...


Chris said...

congrats :D

Shinade aka Jackie said...


Cecile said...

congrats na nga sige kahit sa october pa talaga anniversary nyo heheh

joyjoy said...

you two are so sweet... i wish i had that kind of a marriage life... hehe, wishful thinking! stay on...

Luscious Deals Reviews said...

that's so cute..congratulations:)

nancy said...

i feel you niks...ganun talaga pag super inlove...we tend to get cheesy, LOL! ok lang yan oi. happy anniversary!

Clarissa said...

Congrats,Niko!!Malapit na pala ang wedding anniversary nyo!!^_^

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