Saturday, September 26, 2009

23 Months of Wedding Bliss

Today, 26 of September, marks our 23 months as a couple. The ride has been rough and smooth but the will to keep the marriage alive is still holding us closer each day. I will be always grateful for each day that we have our moments when the husband stands firm on keeping our vows. He has always been the fortress of this matrimony, he holds dear to the day we both said ‘I do’. And getting out of the union is never on the list of our choices.

The marriage vows we made in front of Judge Victoria always brings smile to my face. We swore to love one another laughing; we had so much fun at our wedding. Though the thought that my parents were not present on our wedding, still I won’t regret the day I finally said I do to the man who loves me at my best and embraces me at my worst.

I am actually looking forward to our 2nd year anniversary which will be spent in Palawan with our daughter Yena and a lot of close friends. We prefer celebrating with our friends so our solo time will happen after that 3 days vacation. Might be in Tagaytay or in a place where we love to cuddle and snuggle.. Am so excited.


S-H-Y said...

HAPPY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY sa inyo and wish you both have a long and lasting love together :)

Clarissa said...

Advance Happy 2nd (and counting!)Wedding to you and Yobib!!Best wishes to both of you!!^_^

Mom of Four said...

Wow, ang bibigat ng mga katagang binitiwan mo Mare, fortress? so bale next month pala eh 2 year wedding anniv nyo na?? Wow! galing galing..Keep the marriage strong and on fire Mare ko..Luv you both!!!

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