Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Look for Husband's Office

Last saturday was the blessing of husband's new office at The Fort. Their new work ares is four times larger to their present office in Makati. It is so huge, Yena and i had a grand time wandering :)

One of the veranda's view is the famous Deutsche Bank..
Here's husband posing with his officemates..
Yena and i with husband's officemates..
We went home with a pocketful of new Php.25cents :) I know coins being thrown during home/office blessings are lucky, so our coins are now being hidden with our fortunes at home! :) LOL
We had our picture taking with the gigantic Christmas tree at the lobby..
Yena played while waiting for our ride to Market Market.. :)
Will post our Market Market pictures soon. See you all! :)


Clarissa said...

Nakita ko na naman ang smile ni Yena!!^_^

Mom of Four said...

Wow, sosyal si Pareng Yobib, may office? Ang chubby ni Boyengyeng, ang cute..sarap kagatin ng binti!

Cecile said...

Yena is so cute at ang haba na ng hair niya! bonnga talaga, mana sa ina eh :-)

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