Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Kiss and Make up

Rodliz’s Nest

I miss Couple’s Corner last week and I won’t miss this week’s theme. But before anything else, I have to voice this out! It is so hard without internet connection, I feel so robotic not being with my blogs. My blogging life has been so dull for two weeks now, lol! I miss blogging and I miss my blogging friends, whew. Now I feel better, thank you very much!

Now back to CC. For Kiss and Make up with husband, I have to say that I am very lucky to have a very masungit husband who ALWAYS gives in whenever I am sulking. Sulking is my middle name by the way. And Sungit is my husband’s given name! Aside from being very thrifty, he is very masungit!! Haha (this is my blog, sorry baby!! I write what I want to write! Lol)

Luckily, husband knows how to handle my tantrums. Whenever I am mad at him he would joke around and would make me smile. But if I am really really angry, he lets me be. He keeps his distance or else he will get hurt, LOL. When he is angry, I do my ‘taming’ by kissing him all over his face, that trick always works! But when he does that when am angry he would be flying over the ceiling.. I am scary when angry BUT he will scare the hell out of you when he is really really angry.

On our first year of marriage, we would spend sleepless nights talking and voicing out our grudges to each other, after all is said and done we would sleep like nothing happened, back into each other’s loving arms. And we still do that and will do that til forever.. :) hahah


Mom of Four said...

Katakot ka naman pala, lilipad pala si Pareng Yobib sa kisame, ehehehe. You're not the only one who has masungit husband, yung akin din, mukha lang mabait, pero masungit,di ba sabi ko nga, mean siya, pero kapag galit ako, alam niya kung saan siya lulugar, kapag totoong galit siya, tameme naman ang beauty ko.

Ganon lang naman di ba? Pano ka pala nakapag internet nyan?? Medyo di ako nakapag blog hop this days, at nababaliw ako kakabasa ng Eclipse na book, di ko na mahintay sa sine ang part 3 ng Twilight eh,
kaya binabasa ko na, ang kapal, hardcover ang nahiram ko sa library, kalahati na ako, baka by tomorrow eh matapos ko na! Miss you too Mare!

eds said...

haha nakakatuwa nman yan ate niko. parang sa pelikula wag kang makanti at lilipad ang plato sa mukha nia.. pero bakit nga ba mas nakakatakot sila magalit? pero sa case ko iba.. hehe mas nakakatakot daw pag ako ang nagalit. pag ako eh nagbasag na alam na niang galit na galit na ako na para bang gusto ko siang tadtarin ng pinong-pino. hehe at me narining na siang kakaiba kinakabahan na un .. hehe

heres mine >>

Clarissa said...

Naku!Masama palang magalit si Niko babe!!Nakaranas na ba si Yobib ng flying kick mo??lol!!

Miss you na rin,Niko!!^_^

sweet_shelo said...

Kaloka sis, I could imagine how terror you could be when mad.. lilipad talaga c hubby eh.. he he.. But It's good that your trick works on him whenever he gets mad at you..

Late yong entry to sis.. But you can check it.. Thanks..

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