Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Looking through your eyes

Rodliz’s Nest

Husband and I can read each other’s thought by looking through each other’s eyes. Sometimes my being transparent betrays me – he knows me very well. He can hide his feelings but his eyes will always leak what’s on his mind. But now every time I buzz him at YM and begin with ‘daddy I have a question’ his replies would be..

Of, course I love you..

I miss you too..

We will have another play mate when yena turns 3..

As if answering all that’s running in my mind. Hahah.

Husband likes mestisa, sexy and long haired girls. But he will tell me which one is sensual or which one has no sex appeal. Husband is very sweet, he would never let a day pass without saying I love you, kissing and hugging me even in public. He is very funny guy but sometimes misunderstood by my friends. They thought I was under him – if only they knew the truth. He is overprotective of me, scares a lot when am out for dinner with my friends.

He enjoys the weekend watching movies and playing basketball with his cousins. He loves to cook and stays most in my little kitchen. Making KILAWIN is his specialty. He loves to create a whole-lotta-mess around the house – I think that’s what he does best above all – he is not a neat-freak.

Husband doesn’t drink coffee, only milk. His choice of drink when lunching out is pineapple juice and iced tea. He eats everything as in everything EXCEPT kare kare. He loves Filipino food, spicy dishes, vegatables and fish. He loves fruit salad and biko – that he can consume a kilo all by himself. He prefers Jollibee chicken over McDonalds. He loves Max’s as much as I do.

He is very particular with his undergarments and pants. He only has bench briefs and levi’s pants – that’s where he loves to spend. But he is very miser -- most of his tshirts, he bought from UK (yes, ukay ukay!) He seldom gets sick – actually he just got back to work now. He has fever since Monday night. He never fails to attend mass every Sunday.. He has a faith stronger than mine. He plays the guitar very well and sings well too.

He loves/adores my highschool friend Daryl. He likes my blogging kumares so much, he knows them all by name.. he knows who lives in Japan, US or locally. He embraces blogging because he knew I would be happy when he updates his blog asap. And that’s a hint, hey daddy update your blog! I have been doing free advertising for you.. Mukang ambait mo sa post kong ‘to, hahah.

So the list will go on and on. I can brag about how well I know my husband but am afraid you will fall to sleep.. SO there! Happy CC! See you around guyz..


nuts said...

juicy post! and you deserve a kiss from your husby for this post!
kare-kare? .. just so perfect for bagoong.. so yummy! tell your husby to learn to eat kare-kare. me vege ka na, me ulam pa.. :D

Mom of Four said...

tama si nuts, Pareng Yobib needs to give you a big prize for this post. Aba'y walang negative? Parang positive yata lahat.

Jack of all trades din pala si Yobib ah, swerte mo Mare ko, as in swerte. Tingnan ko nga ang kanyang entry, sbi mo gaganti ka, ahahaha! Marami pang topics na na pwede kang gumanti, hehehe..

Cecile said...

you are so lucky to have yobib for a husband, and you deserve something special for this post!

chubskulit said...

Mapapaiyak nito sa tuwa si Yobib klol. You are blessed mare. Kumusta na?

We know each other so Well

Clarissa said...

I'm sure mamamaga ang mata ni Yobib sa kakaiyak sa post mo dear lol!!\(^0^)/

acmumcee said...

Mommy niko, your post is very entertaining and I enjoyed it so much. It clearly says how lucky you are with your dear husband and you know him really well. I'm inggit because your hubby blogs.. pano ko kaya mapupukpok asawa ko mag blog? hehehe...

teJan said...

hhheeh... same here! wow! congrats.

happy CC!

Bambie dear ★ said...

know what ang sweet nyo ng daddy mo.. sa mga descriptions mo, he's an ideal guy, bf and hubby material. Clean living.. Yena is so lucky.. susundan nyo na ba sya? next year na yun.. kaya get fit. Enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed reading his.

Eric said...

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His Unfailing Love said...

I enjoy reading your post. I will join again next time.

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