Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Plans for the Valentine’s Day

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Husband has been asking me where we would be spending our Valentine’s Day many days before February starts. He isn’t that excited! We spent time eating out or watching movies every heart’s day before so I told him we might be watching a movie or dine at Max’s for a change, lol.

Just this Sunday, he again asked me of my plans. I said we can’t have a date on the 14th coz it will be Joey’s interment. The whole family will be at the cemetery in the afternoon of February 14. Jean specifically picked the date, she said she wants to be with Joey on Valentine’s day.

So maybe after that when we still have enough energy to spend our ‘solo’ time together we will sneak out somewhere, but I doubt it. But everyday is a valentine’s day when we are together.. Maybe we can have a date on the 13th or 15th instead.. wink.


Mommy Liz said...

Everyday is Valentine's Day..naks! ang sweet naman Mare, buti nga si Yobib at nagtatanong kugn anong plano nyo, si Rodney nga, sus, walang ka isip isip sa VD, lam mo naman yun, sabi ko nga, wag na ako bigyan ng card or regalo, manood na lang kami ng movie dito sa bahay. Kasi ayaw kong mag expect tapos ma disappoint.

teJan said...

Hmmmm...what a day, but am sure you will find a special time for it dearie! Goodluck and Happy CC!!

Cecile said...

tama ka , Niks, valentines day is everyday, so you an do if before or after it doesn't really matter.

Bambie dear ★ said...

I hope your friend has recovered somehow...

As you said, everyday is vday for both of you.. overrated kasi ang feb 14 sa tin, pwedi naman before or after dba.. what matters is magkasama kayo 3 ni yena =)

admin said...

how as the date? tuloy ba? hehe!

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