Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What Breakfast in Bed?

Rodliz’s Nest

I have an aching head recalling if there’s an instance when husband and I had breakfast in bed. For one, we don’t have bed at home, our bed is yena’s bed. For two, we don’t cook breakfast on weekdays anymore. We both would like to have an extended sleep every morning so waking up to cook is tough. So what breakfast in bed are we talking about? LOL

Alright, I remember a time. When I gave birth to Yena I had those sweet breakfasts in bed with loads of kisses on the side. Husband was the sweetest. I would wake up with a hot soup and rice for breakfast, lunch or dinner. And he would always cook for me. When I am sick, he is there for me. He is my chef, my nurse, my lover – giving me not only yummy food but also kisspirin and yakapsul.

Sometimes I wish I can give birth everyday or get sick everyday to feel this again, lol. But no! Alright, YES! LOL haahah


Kero said...

hahahaaaaa! i enjoyed your post.

i thank God we are all blessed with such caring and thoughtful life partners =)

my entry is here

Mommy Liz said...

Bihira naman akong mag breakfast in bed noh, madalas na si Fahfah Rod, at lagi namana kong nagigising ng mas maaga sa kanya kapag weekend. Bihira lang na ipagluto nya ako sa umaga. Kapag may sakit ako, 3 meals a day dadalhan niya ako ng food.

Sweet din naman si Pareng Yobib ah, nagkataon lang na wala kayong kama, kaya sa dining table na lang kayo kakain di ba?

Clarissa said...

hahahaa!!it's been awhile na nawala sa isipan ko yang kisspirin at yakapsul lol!Counted pala yang nasa hospital?meron pala akong experience ng breakfast in bed kung ganun lol!

rossel said...

wow, not only breakfast, pati lunch at dinner. sweet naman ni yobib.

AC said...

wahaha!!! natawa ako sa post mo, mommy niko.. katuwa! ako, mcdo lang natikman ko pagkapanganak ko kay alyssa eh.. hehe.. at yun pala, madalas breakfast in bed kase hirap ako maglakad.. LOL

Charenn29 said...

i love breakfast in bed especially when my husband is the one who prepared the food.

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