Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Husband's Sweetest Gesture

As I have shared on my previous posts, my husband is the PDA type. He hugs me and kisses me even on public.

Just last Sunday, after spending the afternoon with his family, yena and I decided to come home before him as I have lots of house works pending – you know unloading all the vacation baggage is such a hard work. With his sisters and my MIL in front he kissed yena and I goodbye, oh boy I blushed but loved it. I love him kissing me especially if our family sees it. They see how much flirty we both are, lol.

But the sweetest gesture I love is every time we are at the church. Before, husband and I sing together sharing one microphone, so on the peace-with-you-part we kiss. I find it the sweetest. But now that he plays the guitar and I get to sing along with the girls we only kiss after the mass is ended – I find it sweet too but nothing compares to kissing on the kiss-with-you-part, hihih am so Maarte! LOL

How about you? Dare to share your loved ones sweetest gestures? Join us at Couples Corner by clicking the badge below. See you!

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Mommy Liz said...

Marce, bakit si Yobib at Rodney pareho? Si Rodney rin, i kikiss ako sa public, kapag sinasabi kong wag at maraming tao, sasabihin nya " so, let them watch" hehehe.. Di ba, ang sarap ng feeling. Parang proud ka na loves ka ng hubby mo. Ang aarte natin, hehehe.

Thanks for joining Mare ha, alam kong busy ka.. Take care.

Rossel said...

we kiss too on sweet be with you part. yes, that is very sweet. more couples now are kissing during that part. it just means that more Filipinos now are very open in expressing their feelings.

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