Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Secret Box

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Here comes the hardest theme of Couple’s Corner, Ahuh! Hihih. For honesty is the best policy's sake here's my share on today's CC!

We both know how much our monthly take home pay is, how much is our accumulated debts through the years and how much our monthly expenses for the month. So getting the money on pay day is like passing through a cave – you will just bring them to where they should be – banks, groceries, bills etc. We both know that and there’s no chance you can make kupit :) LOL

We both know everything from the flings, crazy Exes, stalkers, and their NAMES. We sometimes joke on using them for our future children, lol. Seriously, yobib has been very honest on to that part and I have been too. I am not good in keeping secrets and the thing of the past is our worst fall every time we argue. We are both jealous lovers. LOL

Husband is very honest on whom among my friends he finds ok, those he doesn’t like and who he adores. So I can go out easily on friends he approves of and to those he doesn’t I have to beg. Lol hahaha. I have no qualms on his friends all of them seems nice.

Husband is very vocal. He tells me everything even if it will hurt me – he is that blunt! On our first year of marriage, I was always sulking with the way he talks, he is always brusque kasi while I am very sensitive. But later on I learned from his being frank and use them to strike him!

I fell in love to husband because I can tell him everything – as in everything - My deepest secrets, my greatest fears, my grandest dreams etc. He was and is always my shock and joy absorber. He is my secret box. And I know I am his secret box too!


Mommy Liz said...

Pareho pala si Yobib at Fahfah Rod, may kinikilingan sa akingmga friends. Saka, pareho silang nakakapanakit ng loob, sa sobrang honesty eh nakakiyak sa galit, hehehe.

It's great na honest kau ni Pare sa isa't isa, mahirap kasi kugn pasukin ng dishonesty ang isang relasyon, it can ruin a great and harmonious relationship. Ay, buti ako nakaka kupit minsan, hahaha!

Cecile said...

Very nice post, Nik's :-); thanks for sharing it with us! Musta ka na pala?

pehpot said...

ay ganyan din si cata.. sobrang prangka, keberloo na kung masaktan ako hindi, hindi marunong mambola hehe pero oks naman, at ganun din ako sa kanya nyok nyok

Rossel said...

ako rin hindi makakupit kase alam nya paypal password ko pati na rin ng atm's ko, ehehe.

naku si hubby ko may pagkabolero at minsan sinungaling, kahit mataba na ako e sinabing sexy pa rin ako.

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