Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Business Minded

I don’t usually write about my future endeavors here, it might shoo away the few readers I already have. This blog is all about the life of my husband and I and to where we’re heading so I might once in a while fill this with dreams, plans and what nots, right? So let me bore you now with my work and my future plans. I am quite contented with my present company but with the way the economy is going now and my present company on the news of being acquired by a gigantic company, who has aim to monopolized all telecommunications company, I think I need to reorganize my plans for the future.

Well, I don’t plan on getting old in my work and being an employee forever. I plan on putting up a business someday, doing some customized tshirts for example. That one is quite bankable – considering in our place alone, there are lots of them who would like some food shirts especially during our yearly Feast of the Risen Christ. So while am thinking about it, I am peeking on TCritic blog and is getting some tips from the pro. I need to know some inputs first and don’t like to waste my hard earned money on business that might go downhill. I will share to you updates if there’s any, that is if you still want to hear from a wannabe business minded like me.


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