Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The Lovers Favorite Place

Rodliz’s Nest

Though we can both say that we love our current love nest now because it gives us privacy more than any other things, i have to say that husband's favorite place is my MIL's house. One time, i asked him where he wants to go sooo often and won't last a week not seeing and his quick reply was - Phase 3! The exact location of my MIL's house and to where his cousins and childhood friends live nearby!

Now you ask me where my favorite place on earth is? It's none other than being in the middle of husband and Yena anywhere, but my most favorite place is of course in where we sleep every night. I won't enjoy the luxury of a nice bed if i have to sleep there alone - a bed would be heaven if i am in between my two babies on earth.

How about you? Where's your most favorite place and why? Click the badge and join us every wednesday on Couple's Corner. Happy CC everyone!


Mommy Liz said...

Wow, ang bigat ng entry mo Mare, I lvoe your favorite place sa lahat, no place like in between your two babies talaga, hehehe! I am so happy na di ka masyadong excited sa pag join sa CC, hehehe..I linked it already, and you were the first.. Kita kits sa GT! mwahhhhh!

Genejosh said...

what a nice , romantic and intimate place you are in-between your two babies! in our case baby is in between...the last time I tried to be in between them, my Hyzyd won't stop pushing me , he wants to be in the center, wala kaming magagawa..LOL! nothing can beats your place marce:)

mine's here:

sheng said...

oi Niko number one ka ngaun ah...

i was hoping for places like restaurants, malls, and beaches but oh my! i love your entry today...well yeah, there's no place like home with your lovely husband and beautiful daughter besides you:)

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