Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Someone is turning 28 tomorrow!

Yey, husband will be 28 tomorrow and I am excited for him. If you do not know yet, I am 5 months older than husband, so tomorrow we will be both 28 and I love it. If you do not know yet again, husband is very condescending about that slight age difference, he insists that I am older but he acts more mature!

Like for example, I love to play Online casinos until dawn while he would rather write notes for his blog or practice gospel songs with his guitar instead. He manages our monthly finances, our savings if there’s any and our future investments while I don’t think of any ‘financial matters’ as I love to spend. I spend good most especially if it’s for my family.


sheng said...

Advance Happy Birthday to Yobiboy:) From now on i would always remember his birthday as it is the same day of our wedding anniversary:)

Happy Birthday To Yobib & Happy Wedding Anniversary To Us (Sheng & Pangit)..

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