Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Mushrooms as Parents

As much as possible I don’t spank yena. When she is misbehaving or is being very stubborn I always tell her that I am getting angry and she behaves almost every time. Every time I scold her, she would go to her bed, lie down, and say ‘mommy you don’t love me, coz you’re scolding me’ sometimes she cries in between while telling me that. =) Every now and then I explain to her why I am being upset and tell her I love her so much but I don’t want her to be a spoiled brat.

I tend to be the spoiler while husband is the disciplinarian in the family. Yena and husband are super close, they are the best buddies. But when he raised his voice and tells yena to stop misbehaving – she will. As much as he is afraid of his daddy I hope that it just means she respects his every word.

It isn’t easy being a parent, it takes a lot of responsibility, hard work and dedication. But being a parent is my favorite vocation and I won’t trade it for anything in the world.

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Rossel said...

bakit ba tayo ang namamalo pero mas takot sila sa daddy? i think it's the authority in daddy's voice. tama ka, niko ang hirap maging magulang pero fulfilling din.

Mommy Liz said...

Ang mga anak ko, kahit anong takot nila pagsigaw ni Rodney, lagi pa rin silang daddy daddy, especially the girls. Pag dating galing work, tatakbuhin na agad. Ganon yata, kasi they feel the love kahit minsan eh pinapagalitan sila, they know why they are being scolded,a nd they forget about it. Kasi ang pag scold naman eh with love di ba? I am also close to my kids, but there are times that I just have to give a little slippers, kahit konti para they know na serious na ako.

♥♥♥ PRETTYMOM ♥♥♥ said...

samin naman, hindi nga namin iniispoiled sina Klyne pero andyan naman lagi ang mga spoiler na lola.. haiz.. kaya si klyne madalas kong napapalo at napapagalitan. Ang tigas ng ulo.. grabe!

Buti na lang kahit papano, takot sya sakin at dito sa bahay, sakin lang sya sumusunod. Alam nya kasi na di nya ako mauuto..hehe

Mahirap pero masarap naman maging parent diba :)

AC said...

ang sarap noh pag ang bait ng anak natin... I believe Yena's a really behave kid... si alyssa, kahit gano ko sya pagalitan, after a few minutes ok na sya... lalambingin na nya ako. That's one thing I am not when I was her age... super matanimin ako ng sama ng loob na pag pinagalitan ako may sumpong ako the whole day.. hehe...

I would say, mommy's girl si Alyssa... she was a daddy's girl before, pero mula nung umalis si mark ng 6 mos, medyo lumayo ng konti loob nya na hindi na nya masyadong nabalik ngayon, but they are close naman... just not as close as before...

it's just so fulfilling to become parents noh? I won't trade it for anything either...

tatess said...

mukha ngang mabait si yena mo. si bunso ko makulit at sa daddy nya lang nakikinig .

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