Wednesday, June 16, 2010

CC: Plans on Father’s Day

Husband will be on Camarines Sur this weekend with his officemates, so on father’s day he will not be with us. Sigh. But yena and I will not be lonely on father’s day weekend. Of course I have plans hihih, will celebrate father’s day without daddy for the first time BUT I am sure this will be a happy day still. Husband shall be home by night of Sunday. Wink.

So yena and I will be shopping around for father’s day gifts on Saturday (see what blogging money can do. i have extra moolah for the men that matters, hihih). On Sunday, we shall be spending the day with lotsa blogging friends. We will have lunch at Pehpot’s house for Jade’s baby shower. Will also drop by at the birthday party of Macoi, Ms beng’s youngest child, with my officemates. And then lastly, we will have a swimming party with the blogging babies at Fedhz' condo! =)

That’s one tiring weekend! Whew. But it also spells F-U-N!

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By MelCole of PA said...

Sad to hear that your hubby is not there on Father's day. I'm sure he's busy for the good of his family. Hope you and daughter will have a beautiful celebration for the special day. Dami nyong stops on that day :)

admin said...

Advance Happy Father's Day to Daddy Yobib :D and enjoy the father's day gift shopping this weekend, yena and mommy!

AC said...

wowowow!!! ang saya naman nyan! busy ang beauty ng mag nanay... enjoy your weekend girl!

Mommy Liz said...

Aabot naman pala si Daddy Yobib sa Father's day, kahit gabi na oks pa rin yun. Wahhhh! ang dami nyo naman happenings dyan, nakakainis! hehehe, naiingit eh noh?

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