Wednesday, September 08, 2010

CC: Trust Faith and Loyalty

If there’s one thing that I am so thankful of my husband, it’s the fact that he is very much loyal now. He was very much a playboy in the past. He was very much a flirt!

But now he is completely a changed man. So I disagree when people say – once a playboy always a playboy. Coz my husband would be one example that when you say goodbye to your old ways – no matter how hard it is – you would do it for the sake of your loved ones.

There’s no more question of trust between us. We trust each other – we entrust our lives with each other – so when you see me insane one of this days that would be husband’s fault, LOL. Seriously, we have faith on our love for each other – we have faith that this marriage will last in a lifetime (with God as the center of our union) and we are willing to work it all out no matter how bumpy the road will be and there’s no more doubt about loyalty. If one of us walk towards the road of disloyalty this blog will be shut down to its existence – and that’s the sign! LOL

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Rossel said...

i don't believe also in the saying that once a playboy is always a playboy. lahat naman ng tao e pwede talagang magbago. and sure ako na ikaw ang nagpabago kay yobib mo.

Mommy Liz said...

His being loyal now has something to do with your love for him and has love for you. It's you who changed him into a better person. It only takes 1 woman to straighten a playboy man, oh di ba? I am so happy for both of you. Oh eh di pwedeng magloko si Pare, eh di di ka na sasali sa CC Meme na to??

Cecile said...

One man woman na si Yobib because of you Niko :-); you changed him and he changed because he loves you.

Shy said...

I think marriage is a never ending working out hehe sana may gym for marriage para mapalabas ang stress kasi kakapagod minsan.

Glad to know that your hubby is a totally change man. he made a right decision. He already found his match and he is lucky to have you mommy Niko.

Clarissa said...

I'm sure sa iisang tao na lang nagfi-flirt si Yobib ngayon--sa yo!^_^

Wifey10 said...

aba ikaw pala ang nagwagi sa kanilang lahat Nik..hehe

Mel Cole of PA, USA said...

I admire your determination to help change a person with playboy past. He loves you so much Niko. And he's so lucky to have you.

hahai.ponce said...

that just means that you're made for each other. kaya sya playboy noon because he hasn't found you yet :D

happy sunday!

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