Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Helping and Supporting each Other

There are silent rules in our house, first, I do all the cleaning and husband’s in charge of cooking. Cleaning means everything that has to be cleaned. Well I don’t complain, I am not comfortable when husband cleans the house – usually I would just clean it again ^_^.

We help each other by taking turns in taking care of our daughter. When I have a rush blogging tasks to do – husband would take care of yena. When he wants to read/review his financial accounting books I have to play or watch cd with yena. That’s another silent rule.

Since is blocked at my work, husband would publish the posts I made during lunch breaks just like this one – he helps me with my blogging and supports me (so much that he created his own blogs to keep up!) Blogging is a big blessing in our family, most of the earnings from our blogs are for helping and supporting the needs of our extended families.

I support him all the way in his love for music, he plays the guitar well and loves to serve the parish through music just like I do so we support each other even if sometimes we feel like giving up on the choir. Sob.

He has lots of plans and sometimes I get drowned just the mere thought of them ^_^ – but no matter what I am supporting him all the way.

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Clarissa said... sweet!very supportive kayo sa isa't isa--all praise ako talaga^_^

Wifey10 said...

haha oo nga noh pag yon lalaki naglinis di talaga satisfactory!hehe..Good day!

Newlyweds said...

agree, its really a silent rule, the magic of partnership in married life

Mommy Liz said...

Oh di ba, yun naman ang dapat na gawin, suportahan ang isan't isa, kahit sandamakmak ang plano for the future. Sige lang ng sige, eka nga eh sabay na mangarap di ba? He cooks, you clean, what a tandem...dito sa amin, I cook and I clean..hahaha!

Junneth said...

Silent rules... mutual understanding. I am blessed by your generosity, to work hard in blogging just to sent for your extended family. I'm blessed!

Cielo of Brown Pinay said...

It is a good thing that your hubby supports your blogging....It is my first time here but I truly feel that love is in the air....Keep on blogging and sharing happy anecdotes...

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