Monday, November 01, 2010

Living the Country Dream

Surviving in the city is like struggling for water in a desert. Difficult and challenging. They say that when you live downtown, either by choice or by force, you have to have the motivation to do so.

People choose to live in the city because of their belief of having lots of opportunities to progress and that is in fact only possible if they acquire the perfect jobs for themselves, which can be tough as it can be.

On an average couple’s note however, a calm and simple way of life the country offers is more than good enough. Jobs are available, though the pay is a little lower, it is enough to support their needs and some wants since the cost of living in the place is not as high as the city’s.

The pollution-free environment that is evident through the fresh air and the breathtaking sceneries make it even more close to its locals’ hearts. Wake up with the birds’ chirps, breathe in fresh air, have breakfast with your family, take off your truck’s tonneau cover, go to work, go home and spend the rest of your night playing with your kids. What better way to appreciate life more but to live by the simplest things yet feel contented, satisfied and grateful for them.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mañana Habit

This theme for today's Couple's Corner is for my husband! He loves to say - i will do that later, will fix that tomorrow, will do tonight etc etc. Perfect mañana habit. He is always like that - sometimes to just tease me coz i don't want things left undone so if i can do it i will do them myself. And that would make him feel victorious, lol!

Just timing coz last week i asked him to fix the sound system at home friday night and he was able to fix them monday afternoon! Imagine how much of a nag i am everyday asking him to please fix it so i can have some music while doing the household chores. Grabeeeee!

But his ways make me love him more. If he is perfect he would not be the man i fell in love with 51 months ago! Now and forever - with mañana habit or not - i love you more and more Kabute! Happy 3rd Year Anniversary!

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy 3rd Wedding Anniversary Kabute!

I was expecting a date at Balinsasayaw, the place where we had the reception after our civil wedding 3 years ago. You said we have to get back to the place by hook or by crook. Maybe you thought we spent a fortune at Medz Resort last sunday so you said to just get back there some other time. Maybe next year... or next next year. The way i know you, you would always choose not to spend for occasions. But that's always fine with me daddy. What matters most is that we're together... that through the years we still hold on to the promises we made at Victoria Court (the name of the lady judge that officiate our wedding) ^_^
And to see Yena's priceless face at the resort would bend your rules. Splurge if its for her happiness! I know you would not say NO to another party if it would make our little mushroom happiest ^_^

And i hope we get a good travel deal for next year. I really hope we could spend our 4th year outside the Philippines.. How about Spratlys?

Happy Anniversary Daddy Kabute!

Love you more and more each day!!!
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