Monday, November 01, 2010

Living the Country Dream

Surviving in the city is like struggling for water in a desert. Difficult and challenging. They say that when you live downtown, either by choice or by force, you have to have the motivation to do so.

People choose to live in the city because of their belief of having lots of opportunities to progress and that is in fact only possible if they acquire the perfect jobs for themselves, which can be tough as it can be.

On an average couple’s note however, a calm and simple way of life the country offers is more than good enough. Jobs are available, though the pay is a little lower, it is enough to support their needs and some wants since the cost of living in the place is not as high as the city’s.

The pollution-free environment that is evident through the fresh air and the breathtaking sceneries make it even more close to its locals’ hearts. Wake up with the birds’ chirps, breathe in fresh air, have breakfast with your family, take off your truck’s tonneau cover, go to work, go home and spend the rest of your night playing with your kids. What better way to appreciate life more but to live by the simplest things yet feel contented, satisfied and grateful for them.


mizztraveller said...

Living in country dream ? Every country have their own culture and unique . I hope i can visit every country .....

I still love my own country. although my country don't have four season .

Rossel said...

every minute with our family is precious! kahit sa city or countryside basta kasama ko family ko ok lang sa akin, sis.

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Anonymous said...

It is my dream to settle in the countryside provided the internet connection is good.. lol...

I think the only advantage of being in the city is convenience specially food delivery... :-)

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