Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lunch Date with Ex-BF!

To celebrate our 2nd year anniversary yesterday, me and my ex-bf got to sneak lunch early and spent it at my fave chicken house on earth, at Max's!

To be connected still, i left my status message at my YM (yahoo messenger) like this: Lunch Date with Ex-BF!

After lunch, i was bombarded with lots of messages left and right at my YM, to name a few;

ex bf? whaaaaat?

you flirt!! hahah
i will let your husband know!!! :)

And YES, i had a date with my Ex-Boyfriend, who is my HUSBAND NOW! :p

- 0 -

Ofcourse, it was a romantic lunch simply because i am with my hub, and i really misssss Max's classic chicken, while hubby always crave for java rice and barbeque chicken.. well it will be another year for another Max's visit. :)

Happy Anniversary Baby!
I love you Max's..
I love you more Hubby!!


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