Thursday, July 24, 2008

Can i bring my unbaptized child to church?

Often asked questions of new moms in the philippines. i dont know where that 'pamahiin' came from, but it is strongly insisted by the elders. when a newborn child is not yet baptized, you cannot bring her anywhere, to church even!

i dont know if it is being practiced in other parts of the world but i totally disagree with this one. being a sunday mass goer myself, i dont see anything wrong on bringing your unbaptized child to church. yes it is understandable that your baby might get tired when you bring her on long time trips or on mall, but it is just an hour of worship and it will not harm your baby.. ;)

my yena was born on tuesday. on her first sunday, we, along with my husband and inlaws brought her to church already! and she doesnt miss any sunday mass since then. i would like her to be used to it, spend time every morning in church, or if she will adopt it, sing with us on our forever praises to God!


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