Monday, July 14, 2008

Yena and her bread alone

After mass, bisyo na ang kumain ng lugaw sa posh restaurant malapit sa simbahan, hihih. while eating si yena takam na takam sa lahat ng makitang pagkain, lahat gusto hawakan, lahat gusto isubo.. at para mapagbigyan, binigyan ng isang buong tinapay. if you cant be any less contented, ewan ko na lang. :)

Yay, on the 15th she will be 6months old na. And from S26 shift na to Promil. and on her last checkup 6.9kgs na siya, which means from small size diaper, medium EQ dry na siya ngayon. and on the 22th last dose na ng HIB vaccine niya at 1st dose naman for measles.

Being a mother, means doing your tough assignments with love. remember every single thing, from big to small details. memorizing vitamins taken on the morning and the evening. that is, 1ml tikitiki in the morning and .6ml ceelin in the evening. when sick, got to have hubby do the talking on her medicine intake. 2.1ml of klaricid and .5ml of ambrolex until the 17th. Followup checkup on Pedia on the 17th also.. and the list go on and on and on..

At least, after having 2 major surgeries, i can still recall and remind myself on what's next after each assignments. ;)


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