Saturday, August 16, 2008

the morning i wake up

mom: good morning baby! seems like a reaally good morning to you, is that a smile? or a laugh??

mom: you will not be smiling like that later.. it will be pedia time!! u have 2 shots of vaccine for today..

yena: just 2? that's chicken mom.. i can do it! :)

yena: breath in, breath out. it will just be 2 shots, its so easy. i can do it! i am a big girl now..

eya (yena's cousin): yeng yeng, kaya mo yan... jollibee tayo mamaya!! yeeeey :D

yena: jollibee who??

yena: these dogs are cool mom! can you please tell daddy to buy one for me?? look they dont bite!! and jollibee?? can you please tell me if she/he/it.. uhmmm boy or girl??

eya: jollibee is a bee. :D

mom: i hope ate eya answered your question my baby.. :) coz if not, we will have to research for that! :)

- 0 -

Yena weighs 7.4kgs and she just got her HIB and Flu vaccine today. Next month will be her Measles vaccine..


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