Friday, August 15, 2008

Yena @ 7 months

Yena's Milestones at 7 months:
1. Can do 'close-open', all the while looking at her hands and confused why her hands do such thing
2. Waves her hands to say bye bye, when on a good mood
3. Showing strong connection to Daddy and Mommy, Mamato my mother-in-law and to Lola my mother
4. Laughs and smiles a lot even to strangers, and interacts to every child she sees
5. Loves to be on her tummy all the time, swims through the bed, steals every space she can get, kicks a lot and sucks her feet any chances she can
6. Loves to take a bath, likes to play with the water, cries after taking her out of the bath tub.
7. Music is the best thing to calm her! She knows the songs for sleeping time and for playing time
8. Behaves every reading time.. likes to see pictures at the book.
9. Talkative, with lots of ohhhh ahhhh garrrlll mmmaaammaa ppaapaaa eeeeiiiii
10. Yet to know her weight tomorrow, but she is still a very voracious milk drinker upto this day. and i cannot complain! ;)

Happy 7 months my precious. Mom and Dad love you so so much!


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