Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Yena's Pedia Visit

Unlike two week ago's visit to her Pedia, Yena was so much better last saturday, thank God! While waiting for her Doctor, she kept on gobbling her biscuits and was wailing everytime she couldnt hold it up on her mouth and will only be her usual jolly self when she took hold of another cracker! :)

And when it was her turn on the weighing scale (she felt it was like a bed, she's readying to fall sleep! :D ) , it was a remarkable 7.3kgs already! I know now where was those 6 bottles of 6 0z a day had gone into, and i am not complaining, i would love her to feed more if she would like to! :)

Amused, her Pedia was playing with her all the time. It was just almost a week since her last checkup, she was sick then and weighing 6.8kgs.. I cannot be more thankful that she got well now! Still her Pedia prescribed 2 more vitamins - polyviflor and ferlin, an addition to her current vitamins ceelin and tikitiki. :)

And that day would not be complete without the picture of us. My officemates commented Yena really looks like her dad. They said, i look like her Yaya in this picture! :) LOLzz

After the visit, we went to mall and buy her outfit stuff for my friend's wedding next saturday. Stuff importantly includes, this headband!! :)

And because music can calm Yena before she sleeps at night, i now tried to read her a book. Hope it will still calm her, with this narrative voice of mine? Good luck baby! :D


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