Monday, August 11, 2008

Yena's first show on a wedding

August 9, was pre planned and already ticked on our calendar of big events for August. It was Daryl's wedding, and we couldnt miss it, not unless we want to say goodbye to the friendship we had for 14 long years. While hubby's favorite among my friends is Daryl, this big event was a big yes and so we packed our bag and off to Bulacan! Yena's longest travel so far..

After the ceremony and the pictorial session which took about an hour, i really think the photographers had a lot of frustrations in life, kasi naman all of the poses were so artistic and napakabusisi! Given a chance, on our church wedding, i will get them! :)

On our way home, it was much more convenient, thanks to ate mina for the free ride! :) And Yena still battery full and hyper active at MH with ate binx and the rest of our alumni friends, smiling to everyone she meets along the way kaya naman at 11pm when we arrived home, and even after turning off the light, buhay na buhay pa siya and still was looking for a play time!

Came 1am, she wailed so loud, and cried for more even after comforting her... and then she threw up! That's the sign.. nausog ang Yena! Hayun, she cried until the wee hours of the morning.. :(

But she was still her bubbly self at 9am at the church! Yan ang spirit! :) Attend pa tayo ng wedding baby?? sa Bulacan??!! :)


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