Monday, October 27, 2008

marry me baby!

that was my line a year ago! yesterday was our first year wedding anniversary! i just cant believe how fast the days was that we pass a year together! whew! we wish to celebrate it out somewhere but yena is sick until now.. we contend ourselves with cuddling and reading the books we gave each other when yena was not having tantrums or was sleeping.

and so after yena's pedia visit, and after purchasing her medication, hubby and i sneaked out and had our lunch at Max's. Anniversary lunch date a day before our anniversary, see we're just sneaking time away? LOL

yesterday, the actual anniversary day was the most tiring day we had, after the baptism of my nephew, which both hubby and i were godparents, we went to his friend's daughter;s first birthday, and then have our alone time at the mall, then hurried home missing yena! :)

when you say you had a blast last weekend, i would say! we had a blasssssssst!

happy anniversary to my husband! i love you more each day baby! :)


Umma said...

Kakainggit!!! Niko ganda..super sweet kayo ni papa Yobib :)

Btw, wishing Yena to get well soon, just send my sweetest kisses to her.

niko said...

heheeh thanks umma!!! id like to know ur kainggit love life too, share naman minsan! :)

take care!

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