Monday, October 27, 2008

Yena's Funny Photos

Yeung Lei's photo has been pimped, green with envy mommy here would like to try too! Thanks to her lovely mommy Umma, Yena has hew on sets of reworked photos that is soo cute i wanted it to stay here forever!! :)


Umma said...

Yey.. Good job Mommy ganda.. Little Yena looks so adorable and cute.. Mukhang may potential of being a model ha? Just like Mommy Niko.

niko said...

aw thanks! mas hawig talaga si yena ni hubby! pramis.

isa lang sa sampung tao ang nagsasabing kamuka ko siya! :D

Mom of Four said...

Normally, girls should favor their moms..But when the girls are so adorable and pretty, they say, they look like their dads..Not fair..hmp! Yelena looks so beautiful that she looks you and your husband.
Nice picture effects, galing mo talaga, parang ako!..hahaha

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