Friday, October 31, 2008


the photos you are about to see contains scenes not suitable for young audiences, parental guidance is recommended. LOL. but really, if you are pious citizens of the blogosphere, please come again another day when i have something visually good in store for you. thank you!

the statues are located at baguio's botanical garden, i just wished that on our next trip to the city of pines, they will still be there despite of all the fun we made out of them. and if we are going back there with yena, we will not be doing this anymore! :) so enjoy the scenes and see how fool and naughty we were!
the photos motto should be; "man's reach must be beyond his grasp!"


Mom of Four said...

oy ha, yung picture mo in front of the statue..parang may ibinabdyang kakaiba..Hehehe. I been to Bguio once but, I didn't enjoy it..HOpefully, next time I come visit the Philipines, we will be able to go. I want all my kids to know that mommy's country is also beautiful..not just the noise and dirt of Manila that they see all the time...
Take care and Keep posting nice pictures..Very artistic, you.....

Umma said...

hahaha those are tricky pictures of you..Hmmm..

Ria said...

ummm....interesting pose!

niko said...

these are the pictures ive been hiding for a long time now.. and i bet husband has not seen it posted here..

i hope he will just let me post it here.. ive been getting nice comments so far.. hehehe

thanks for your wonderful comments on this not so artistic pics..


Enchie said...

galing LOL!

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