Monday, November 03, 2008

i love you - barney song

at 5 months, i introduced music to yena. she has different songs played by my motorola phone on her play time and sleeping time.. music has been a great help, especially when it is sleeping time already and she doesnt want to stop playing. when i play to her 'home on the range' repeatedly, just count to ten and she's off to ozzzz landia! wink.

but week ago, my mother told me she responds well to barney songs on tv, so i googled the song, memorize it and sing it to her. and really, she reacts on the song. she would raise her hands, stomp her feet, clap her hands, sway her head and bend her back. and she smiles while watching barney on tv! it must be the violet big thing! :)

i love you
you love me
we are happy family
with a great big hug
and a kiss from me to you
wont you say you love me too

i love you
you love me
we're bestfriends as friends should be
with a great big hug
and a kiss from me to you
wont you say you love me too


Umma said...

Glad to know Yena is back to her bubbly ways now.. She looks big now huh? Well, its only 2 months left and she will be 1 year old hahaha.

Same as my YL too... yey!!

NovaS said...

interesting, you have an adorable bb girl... this is the firt time too that i've known that song of the barney... hehehe...

thanks for the drop, and hope to see u around

Mom of Four said...

Yup, that was the first song that Roan, (now 6) learned when he was little. He used to love Barney, then Spongebob. Now, CN is his fave. Their faves change as they grow older. Music is the best tool to teach kids, like the Alphabet song.
Isn't it so great seeing your kid dancing, moving and reacting to the songs? Hmm...feels like heaven, i tell yah!
Way to go Yena, don't stop amazing your mother, hahaha!!!

niko said...

its been good singing that song.. most esp the WE ARE HAPPY FAMILY part.. its like a reminder.. :D

thanks for dropping by dears! tc!

Pink & Green Mama said...

Your daughter is beautiful and happy anniversary. My kids love Barney too, it used to drive me crazy but now I can tune it out.

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