Friday, October 17, 2008

Talking with kids

I was talking with hubby's two nephews one afternoon. Ronron turning 8 years old next month and Patchik 6 years old. (Note that our conversation were translated to english)

Ron: Tita Niko, how many children would like to have with Tito Boy?
Me: Three would be good. Id like to have another girl and a boy in the future.
Ron: I think you should have two children only.
Me: Huh why?
Ron: It will be easy to divide the two if you and Tito Boy will SPLIT! You will have one child each!
Me: You think we're going to split?
And before Ronron could answer Patchik butt in and said this words i cannot imagine he would..
Patchik: They will never ever break up, because they call each other BABY!!

FYI: Some two years ago, this two boys were told by Jean, hubby's cousin, that when you're in a relationship and you call each other any endearing names other than baby, there's a possibility of break up. Kids are really smarter now!


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