Wednesday, November 19, 2008


i dont celebrate my birthday bigtime. though for the past 26 years of my life i have my mother cooked me my favorite pancit but that was it. i dont spend much on my past birthdays, i am not into parties- i cannot afford. i buy myself gift that i can afford. for the past 5 years as an employee, i got to be surprised on my pre birthday.. that is something i love most before taking my birthday leave.

last year, my first birthday with husband in my life, i knew it would be big because he did all the cooking for my less than ten close friends who slept over and spent their time on my special day.. it was lovely, memorably beautiful for me.

this time, i was planning of going back to tagaytay, now that we have our yena. was planning of bringing our nephews and nieces all along.. our god mother being my fairy god mother promise her share.. on sunday, we will be celebrating my birthday at picnic grove with my daughter and lots of kids. i started dreaming how much fun it would be.

but then last night, hubby told me to call it off! there are lots of valid reasons he said - i understood BUT i got so emotional - my mood swung to farthest and i become the coldest from then until today.

i dont ask for parties.. for flowers.. for expensive gifts.. all i asked is a day in tagaytay with yena and the kids coz that would be happiest for me - but for whatever you said so! so be it.

i think i will just be spending my birthday alone.


Mom of Four said...

Why would you celebrate your birthday alone? and what was the reason behind the calling it off? is it reasonable? is it because he just didn't feel like it. I know it's emotional on your part since you already set your mind on going..But, you also have to consider the reason. Maybe he wants to celebrate it with you and Yena, or just you and him over candle lights. Who knows di ba?

I don't know when is the exact date of your birthday but, I would like to greet you a Happy one. Don't let misunderstanding ruin your special day. He might have a surprise and you might love it...

Cheer up and have fun..

Umma said...

Mareng Niko, cheer up my dear...naiyak naman ako sa story mo but I tell you, its not the end of the world to sulk, I understand you've been dreaming the fun already but try to be reasonable.

I guess, if your hubby has a good reason to cancel it off, just try to understand him. Im sure he doesnt want to ruin your big day too but perhaps there are some circumstances that sometimes we cannot avoid. You still have more birthdays to come dear and one of the coming big day, Im sure you will be able to go to your favorite place to celebrate.

Anyway, you have my birthday wishes for you my dear... good health, blessed family and most of all...dyaran,,,...,,,,

a LAPTOP as my bday gift for you... so you can start blogging at the convenience of your home.

Just check your Paypal account today and go withdraw it so by Saturday, instead of celebrating alone -- you will be out to shop for your new laptop.. Isnt it sweet? Now, you need to get a faster DSL for your internet at home..

Good Luck and Happy Birthday once again..

Binx said...

huwaw! ayan naman pala.. masaya na ang bday mo e.. bait naman ng mare mo. ako rin po bday ko.. hihihi! juk lng.. HAPI BDAY GANDA! dont be sad na.. makakabili kn ng laftaf mo.. hihihi! mmmmwah!

niko said...

i am being a bratty wife again, im bad talga.

pero hubby said we will go daw on sunday but if he cancels it again i wont be sad na.. life is a choice - i will choose to be happy..

if the weather permits it we will be at tagaytay on sunday..

it will be a very busy weekend. the choir will be on a wedding tomorrow, so i will be a wedding singer for a day (i dont sing solo ha! reminder lang..hehe)

by saturday we will be looking for my laptop na.. yippeee! thanks ng marami mareng umma!!

by sunday, baptism of my new laptop- i will be naming her NANCY.. and tagaytay if hubby permits it..

be back monday guys!! see you!!

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